Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Nevari Butchers "arms and everything else"

The Nevari Butchers
arms and everything else
Hanson Records

When I first popped this in I immediately didn't like it. I am not sure what i was looking for but I was not into the sounds. I put it back in my pile of things to listen to and figured I would get back to it. Then I did get back to it. I don't know what changed, Maybe a lower expectation or maybe just a different mindset but I am much more into this all of a sudden. I was prepared to give it a bad review but I just can't. Fucked drones along with sounds of scraping, banging and breaking make this a totally unnerving listen. Very dark and along with the cover art and the name of the album I think it creates a very creepy narrative. I do however find it a little on the long side. I think it could have been broken up into two separate releases. Either way I am glad i gave this a second chance.

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