Thursday, October 28, 2010

Scyphozoa & Hellvetika

Scyphozoa & Hellvetika
Self Released

This split cassette from two Seattle acts was a happy surprise. Scyphozoa's side begins with some pretty harsh grinding sounds and then starts to evolve into a very spaced out half hour long noise adventure. Lots of crazy almost jungle sounds made from filters, delays, octaves and phase shifters. reminds me of some late 90's noise acts. There may be a little Taint or Bastard Noise's early work in there. My only complaint is that it does seem to wander a bit at the beginning. I felt like it took them a few minutes to really get their footing in where this duo was going. There is also a few moments where i can tell what pedals are being used. You can hear a line 6 delay do it's ray gun sounds a few times. That bugs some people but i don't mind it. the Hellvetika side starts with some interesting distant samples from "There Will Be Blood" educating you in the ways of religion. Small pops and cracks suddenly become rhythms, little tones fade in and out. It's a pretty impressive start. from that point it builds into something much harsher. Reminds me a little of Tribes of Neurot. I like this. The artwork on the cover is great and the design is very nice. I am sure it's limited but in all the credits, it doesn't mention how many.

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