Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Daniel Menche "Raw Fall"

Daniel Menche
Raw Fall

Hmmm. i kinda hate this. it is two field recordings of waterfalls in Oregon by Daniel Menche. my issue with it is not that i don't like field recordings, because i usually do, or that it's sorta pretentious, because it is. my issue with this is that the recordings of the waterfalls themselves sound completely disappointing. boring, dull and weak. waterfalls are usually a place where life really congregates. it's that sound in the forest when no one is around that you know is still burly. the sounds on this are totally flat and lifeless. it could purely be tape hiss turned up loud or maybe this is just a prank that i don't understand. i was very disappointed by this release from an artist and label that usually do excellent work. if you are a huge fan of Daniel Menche and need to complete your collection, go nuts and seek this out. otherwise take a hike into a forest and prepare for something much more brutal.

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