Sunday, October 24, 2010

Diver Down "demo"

Diver Down
demo cs
self released

I had been in a mood the other day before i was given this cassette. I was feeling nostalgic for 90's noise pop. i put on all my Lync 7"s in one afternoon and that seemed to help but then this cassette made everything even better. The noisy drums and harsh guitar driven pop across the five tracks on this cassette sound a lot like Lync, Guided By Voices, or maybe Helium. Songs that are short and sweet but have just enough disorder and chaos to keep them from being saccrine. the guitarist and singer, damon, can also be a little quirky lyrically. Particularly the song about the drummer and only other member of this duo, Shannen. The recording is super raw, like mic in the middle of the room raw, but it sounds just perfect. the drums sounds great as do the guitars and the playing of both is spot on. The layout is simple red on white and the tapes have been hand etched with the logo. It's a excellent demo from an excellent Seattle duo. I don't know if this is limited but i bet you can get one from them through their myspace page.

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