Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stephen O'Malley "cocon & oiseau de nuit"

Stephen O'Malley
cocon & oiseau de nuit
Editions Mego

i received this in the mail with a note hoping that i would enjoy this "neolithic attempt". i do. it's fucking awe inspiring. this is expansive, vast and i guess, "neolithic". this is the kind of music that ancient people would mistake for the voices of gods. if you have recently given up psychedelics, i would recommend playing this loud through headphones in a dark room as an acceptable replacement experience. all hyperbole aside, this is an excellent piece of dark and hypnotic drone. although it may seem that Stephen goes right to where he started with Sunn 0))) on this one, there is a different type of focus here. it moves slower. more glacial and gigantic somehow. i have heard this cassette is part of a trilogy but this could very well be the last word in "drone metal". an edition of 250 copies and packaged with a booklet of artwork that perfectly goes with the music. you'll see. jump on this.

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