Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Slaves "ocean on ocean"

The Slaves
ocean on ocean
Slave Records

Essentially a perfect album. I was floored by them live and I am totally floored by this cassette. Ethereal, and lush. Like a heavier My Bloody Valentine without the drums and Kevin Shields... or something. With that comparison it would be easy to imagine this could have a polished studio sound but thankfully there is nothing of that. You hear them take breaths, you hear line noise, hiss, even a clunky change or two. It all goes to making this one of the more impressive releases I have received in some time. I could probably gush on for hours about this strangely accessible this shoe gazer drone type stuff is but I will resist. I will say that this cassette is something that you will not regret purchasing. also it is limited to 100 copies and will probably be gone sooner than later but you can always wander over to Debacle Records and pick up the cd version of this album. This should never go out of print.

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