Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mark McGuire "misunderstandings"

Mark McGuire
Deception Island

Ever since Emeralds' "Does It Look Like I'm Here?" came out I have been obsessed with everyone involved. Now that the world has seen them open for the often mediocre Caribou and everyone under the sun is hyping their record, i feared that the output was going to slow or that cool little releases like these may dry up but that hasn't happened. I was very stoked to put this cassette into my deck and was totally not disappointed by what was heard. Really beautiful synthesized electric guitar made into beautiful loops and swells. Long intricate drones, strange sounds of gurgling water and what sounds a church's old pipe organ are all made with Mark's guitar work. Really impressive. The label is no slouch either. The best approach to design i have seen for poly cases since the Daniel Johnston cassettes. I am very pleased. Limited to 300 copies and going quick.

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