Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dispirit "rehearsal at Oboroten"

rehearsal at Oboroten
self released

Yes. Awesome black metal from ex-Weakling. Arguably, Weakling was the best American black metal band and the most influential. Wolves in the Throne Room would still be awful if it wasn't for Weakling's influence on their sound and song writing. The songs on this cassette are epic. So long and intricate and all played live at a rehearsal. It's insane. Played basically flawlessly in the way all rock records used to be recorded before the days of pro tools and punching in every alternate picking flub (although, this may have had "punch ins" or have been recorded on pro tools at their rehearsal but i have decided to believe otherwise). It's impressive as far as it's playing and song writing is concerned. For those of us that know Weakling's "Dead as Dreams" as the masterpiece it is, this demo is an excellent preview of things to come. I hope.

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