Wednesday, November 17, 2010

At Jennie Richie/Plethora split

At Jennie Richie/Plethora
Readymade Tapes

At Jennie Richie is such a strange enigma. Supposedly French but somehow also from Ballard, Wa (where i am from). No one truly knows where they are from and if you go see them live chances are someone with no knowledge of them will just play a cassette tape through a PA and they will be nowhere near the venue. It's off putting to say the least but the output is fantastic. Almost everything with the name At Jennie Richie is great. This track is no exception. Faraway drones with uncomfortably close static makes a beautiful landscape. The Plethora track starts with clanging and moaning that is pretty fucked. It sounds like someone is dreaming about turning inside out. Pretty fucking great. I am sure it's limited but i have no idea how small the edition is. Good luck.

Update: I have heard from Happiness (one half of At Jennie Richie) and I now know the lineage of both Happiness and Forever. I will say that one half is French and on half is Californian. So there you are. Apparently this cassette was from an edition of 15. Which is nuts for something so good. Check out some cdr releases and see if these tracks reappear. They are quite good.

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