Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Anakrid "ceaselessly out of a cloudless sky"

ceaselessly out of a cloudless sky
Black Horizons

I am sure you are well aware of Anakrid or at least you should be. This cassette seems almost like it could be outtakes from their brilliant "Rapture of the Deep" lp. Beautiful and swelling drones mixed with absolute junk chaos. Side A is a distant and alien wave of delays and vocal effects. Extremely beautiful at times and hauntingly creepy at others. It sounds like horns and hammers. Sibe B starts with what sounds like gremlins deconstructing a warehouse full of musical instruments and building materials. Very creepy actually. As usual, the layout for this cassette is fantastic. James Livingston, who runs Black Horizons, is a very talented and creative designer. His whole catalog of releases could be framed and shown as art in themselves. Lucky for us his packagings are full of such killer music.

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