Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jason Schuler + Husk Records

Jason Schuler
Husk Records

Really interesting compositions on both sides of this cassette by Jason Schuler. This is my first exposure to him apart from his other project, Cadaver in Drag, but I am definitely intrigued by what I hear. Horror movie soundtracks and really controlled bits of chaos come to mind when I heard the first side. It has a very bedroom/low fi noise kinda sound throughout. No over the top cathedral halls of reverb on the creepy stuff and no sudden, in-your-face-dry-HNW as you tend to heard these days. This seems very personal. The second track is based in a lot of guitar work. It starts out pretty noisy and heavy and then starts to degrade in a very interesting way but then as it gets near the end it falls apart a little. There is some production issues that I wish had not surfaced and the meandering playing can be nice but with the amount of restraint that was shown on the first track I kinda expected a little more at the end of this tape. All in all it was a good release from a very strong label. Husk is one to keep your eyes on. Simple and tasteful 3 panel full color jcard. Limited to 50. Nice work.

On a side note i have to encourage you to check out Husk's blog right now. I don't review vinyl normally and i don't own this so i can't tell you what it sounds like, but i love the looks of these 7 Josh Lay/Teeth Collection lp + cdrs. I am a big fan of both projects so I am sure the audio is killer but i had to spread the word about these. Too fuckin cool.

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