Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Al Qaeda/Dried Up Corpse "1309"

Al Qaeda/Dried Up Corpse

I hadn't heard of this label until i picked up this release. They skirt the line between hand made and professional in a way that makes me completely envious. Double sided full color covers designed by the great Kevin Yuen and spraypainted cassettes with gold stamps marking the sides. It's strange that they have flown beneath the radar with me and this is their fortieth release. I blame myself and the saturation of noise labels on the internet. The sounds on both sides are excellent. Al Qaeda's track "fucked", starts with an almost meditative feel. Slow chimes and distant sorrowful vocals along with a comforting yet still crushing wave of distortion. It has a feel of a transmission received from a dying spacecraft. One of my favorite recent works by Scott Miller and company. Dried Up Corpse's track, also titled "fucked", is completely unrelenting wall of pure audio hell. It sounds as if it was going on a long time before you hit play and will continue for a long time afterwards. Stan Reed (Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Broken Penis Orchestra, Nurse with Wound) constantly delivers a full on assault every time I hear him and it never disappoints. Highly recommended.

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