Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Damion Romero "missing link"

Damion Romero
missing link
Hanson Records

I obviously listen to a lot of Hanson releases. I find they are usually a safe bet and totally worth your money and time. This release is no exception. Damion Romero makes you feel something. Something dead, bleak and full of doom. This is like the H.P. Lovecraft of music. You feel almost cold when you put this on, as if something is leaning just over your shoulder and hoping you will turn and look it in it's eyes so it can consume just a little bit of your soul. It feels like the sounds coming out of your tape deck may conjure something that you cannot handle. It feels dangerous. This cassette could easily be endless and I would be pleased. I love this level of darkness. The cover artwork is perfect.

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