Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sixes "demo"

self released

Um. I thought I was going to hear some excellent HNW from our favorite Oakland lunatic. I thought it was interesting that I had never heard of this tape so i popped it in and hit play...
So, turns out that this is a different Sixes. This is a hardcore band that sounds like End on End or maybe even Undertow or early Unbroken. Not what I was expecting. I think if I had heard this in 1992 I would have been pretty stoked but I just don't dig this nowadays. It seems contrived and a little patronizing. Lines like "why don't you think?!" just seem ironic. They seem to have the best intentions but it's just hard to get past what seems like "make believe". Dressing all hardcore and playing 90's HXC now is the same thing as dressing like you are the missing member of The Rolling Stones and playing 60's rock. I mean go nuts, have a great time but you do realize you are living in your costumes right? I know to a lot of my friends this is still the shit but to me this is like finding a time capsule full of my old report cards and pictures of me with a full head of hair; a bit of a bummer.

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  1. I heard somewhere: the real 6ix6s was in a legal battle with the olympia based punkxhx Sixes. After a while, Ryan gave up and just started going by Ryan.