Thursday, February 9, 2012

Zebra Mu "Live Malfunctions" 3"cdr

Zebra Mu
Live Malfunctions

This is one 13 min live performance by Michael Ridge under the moniker, Zebra Mu. Being a live piece you get that one thing I really love in noise which is listening to an artist really creating on the fly. There are always ways you can practice making noise but each time is totally different. Sometimes you nail it and other times it just falls flat. It's hard to nail down what goes right or wrong but it's pretty obvious to all involved. In this case Zebra Mu has a generally great set. The beginning is good with sublet drones and sparse shots of noise from a contact mic'd springboard and a violin bow. It kinda fall apart a little after that. I get the sense that he may have lost a little focus or something because you start getting these moments where you really hear the pedals. By that I mean you hear a sound and think "delay pedal, delay but with the feedback turned up, now the feedback has turned down…" and it gets a little obvious. You can almost identify the brand of delay pedal (I think it is a line 6 but I am not entirely sure). Right after that though it really kicks in and the majority of the track is this awesome swirling wall of noise that is constantly evolving and changing. It's pretty great ending. I am definitely interested in hearing more from this UK artist. Packaging is simple but very nicely done. Good cover art with a color photo from a live performance inside. I have to say that this is an atrist who understands kerning. That is refreshing. LImited to 26 copies. 

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