Thursday, February 2, 2012

Crystal Hell Pool "Domain" cd

Crystal Hell Pool
Debacle Records

For anyone familiar with Crystal Hell Pool and with Chris Majerus' work in general they know he has not nearly released enough music. I have found that there are slight but deliberate differences throughout the few CHP releases that I am familiar with. First time I had experienced him was on the Wind Blows Through Me cdr which was ambient and atmospheric drones that somehow found the balance between dark dissonance and almost melodic drone. Next the Weapons Cache cassette was similar drone but with all analog synths that created an awesome Soundscape similar to John Carpenter's work. The forthcoming Absolute Night is extremely minimal, dark and distant guitar work and then this release, Domain changes things up again. This is almost like an updated and less cheesy Tangerine Dream. Maybe even closer to Klaus Schultz solo releases. Full on synth driven songs that live between drone, pop and rock. This is for fans on Fuck Buttons, Megabats or Emeralds. Pretty much crucial for anyone that loves that stuff. It's a full length cd with eleven tracks and interesting artwork by the artist. Packaged in a high gloss digipack wallet. 

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