Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seven Lies about Girls/Derek Rogers split cs

Seven Lies about Girls/Derek Rogers split cs
Teen Action Records

My first encounter with SLAG is going pretty well. Noisy loops and lo-fi drones move across my speakers with a bit of immediacy that add a little tension. The three tracks they offer are varied and all very interesting with the last track sounding pretty much like a room recording of a high school cafeteria. It's actually kinda disconcerting. I know a little of Derek Rogers. I have a split he did with Scott Miller of Al Qaeda/Sutekh Hexen fame and it's great. His tracks on this tape are not what i expected but I love them. Low resolution boxing noise juxtaposed with swelling keyboards and drones. In general his tracks have a sadness that is hard to put your finger on but it's effective. My life is pretty much dog shit these days and it's stuff like this that really puts it into perspective. My only issues with this cassette have nothing to do with the tracks themselves. The artists' music all around is tops and needs to be heard by you right away. So go order this. I will wait…  So, my issues with this are first of all it is mastered quiet. You end up having to turn it up a ways and get that extra tape hum that is not bad but unnecessary. I actually bet that this is not mastered at all. I know that can be expensive sometimes to get someone to master your release. If you are only making 50-100 copies I completely understand not paying the extra $1-2 per copy to get it sounding tip top. I would then recommend grabbing your copy of Garageband, or Ableton or whatever you pirated and watching a couple tutorials on youtube about simple mastering. It really does make a difference and it's not that expensive. The only the issue is the same one I had with the other Teen Action releases and that the packaging. It needs a bad or something. The packaging design is pretty nice, this tape had microfilm inside it, but it is just too naked and flimsy without a cover of some sort. You will see what I mean when the copy you just ordered arrives. 

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