Saturday, February 11, 2012

Body Morph "Live with the Hamtramck Philharmonic Symphony" cs

Body Morph
Live with the Hamtramck Philharmonic Symphony
ITDN Group

This is super weird. It's basically saxophone that is being played in the most anti-music way possible while still breathing into a mouthpiece with a reed. It ranges from transcendental to kinda annoying pretty seamlessly and I sorta love that. Both tracks are live and they show the artist really commanding an epic amount of restraint and intensity. I must say that there are moments at the end of the first track that get a little bit annoying but it's done some intentionally and directly that I can't help but enjoy it. The second side is the real winner for me. I think it is recorded outside. I can hear buses and cars going by and there are these moments of silence between the almost whale song like swells of saxophone that are just perfect. The playing is excellent and I am actually pretty impressed. I would check this out and also look for more stuff from Body Morph. The artwork is also weird but totally appropriate. Edition of 50 from a label that sells out of releases fast. Check this out and get back to me about what you think. Now that I am listening to this a second time I am liking it even more...

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