Thursday, February 2, 2012

Andy Gallagher/Boy Dirt Car split 12"

Andy Gallagher/Boy Dirt Car split
After Music Recordings

I started off this record with the Andy Gallagher side and upon listening to the first song I was a bit surprised. I didn't know what to expect from this label as this is my first encounter. Andy Gallagher's music is very reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr. in a way that actually kinda irks me. J. Mascis has a voice that you would not label as a strong singing voice. Often slightly out of key and a bit strained but it really works in some way. No one can really quite sound like him and I think Andy Gallagher tries. It's not bad music really, it just makes me really think that I should just put You're Living All Over Me on instead. The recording itself may be where some the issue is with me. The vocals are way, way too loud in the mix. Interestingly enough Mike Watt plays on the first track of this album, I Should Have Stayed in Bed Today, and it is a very catchy piece of indie type noise pop. The strongest track for sure. I think if Sebadoh, Neil Young and Dinosaur Jr are your hands down favorite type of music I think this may be for you. It just wasn't for me. Boy Dirt Car play some pretty interesting orchestrated noise/free jazz/experimental sound scape. It's a little unbalanced for me though. It feels like half of it is this awesome rhythmic, psychedelic force that is moving straight through my being and the other half has samples of cats meowing and my IKEA alarm clock going off. I actually had to check and see if my alarm was going off and if my cat was okay the first time I put this on. I guess that's pretty awesome actually but I don't think trolling me was the artist's intent. It's still pretty amazing when it's on though. I think this is definitely one artist to look for. Boy Dirt Car has piqued my interest. I have to say that the artwork is amazing and the rough screen printed covers are beautiful. Aesthetically, this label is already winning. 

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