Friday, January 27, 2012

S.C.O.A.M. & Pregnant Spore "Circle the Excess" cs

S.C.O.A.M. & Pregnant Spore
Circle the Excess
Teen Action Records

So this is pretty fucking killer. I am a little unclear if this is a collaboration or a proper split but I believe it's a collaboration all the way through. I had not heard S.C.O.A.M. (Student Considers Other Academic Models) before this but I am impressed. First of all the tracks are relatively short, around 3-5 minutes, I think and the sounds on this are fantastic. Squelching synths juxtaposed with harsh noise and contact mic fury. It's a fucking mess and it's fantastic. The design and packaging is pretty interesting. A fold over J card that folds over the long way and an obi strip. I kinda wish this also came in a bag though (u-line makes those rad anti-static bags that would fit this perfect). It feels a little naked and flimsy just sitting the way it does. I think I have some bags around here that will work…  Either way it's, as I said before, pretty fucking killer. Limited to 50 copies. 

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