Friday, January 20, 2012

Dead Body Collection/Persistence in Mourning "Ritualistic Reanimation" cs

Dead Body Collection/Persistence in Mourning
Ritualistic Reanimation
Worthless Recordings

Fuck yeah. This is awesome. Heavy, noisy and totally eclectic. Plus, Worthless Recordings does something awesome that few people do; they staggers the tracks. Side A is Dead Body Collection/Persistence in Mourning/Dead Body Collection and side B is the opposite. So to break this down I will just describe each act a bit. Dead Body Collection is harsh noise with a extra layer of filth laying on the top. Listening to DBC's sounds is like trying to read the names and dates on 300 year old tombstones. It's tough, depressing and brings to mind your own mortality. Persistence in Mourning is much more of a "band". It has a ultra heavy doom vibe that reminds me of Neurosis, Ardent Vein, God Flesh, Deutsch Nepal and Throbbing Gristle. It's fucking bleak. It actually has samples and for some reason I am totally okay with it. I guess it's the Neurosis vibe. It always worked with them. I need to hear more from both of these acts and so do you. Knowing Worthless Recordings this will probably be sold out by the time you read this but I recommend doing your best to pick this up (you should really just check in with them once a week). Excellent work in general although I do have one criticism. This cassette is a prime example of the need to get things mastered. I don't always do this with my own releases (or if I do, I do it myself and I am not the best) but right now I can think of three guys who are great at mastering and they are waiting for your emails. James Plotkin, Phil Petrocelli and Pete Swanson are all amazing at mastering and they will make everything you do sound a million times better and more balanced. In this case it was more the staggering of tracks that made it evident. Regardless you are not going to be bummed about this one. Simple layout that is a little too dark but I think the awesome vinyl sticker makes up for that. Edition of 50 copies. Only 4 left at press time. 

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