Friday, January 20, 2012

Chefkirk/Somnaphon "Tender Pink Moments" cs

Tender Pink Moments
Becephalic Records

All of the words on this tape make your brain hurt. I like that. Chefkirk; I have no idea what that name means but it's awkward enough to be a real word for something odd. Somnaphon; again, not sure what this means other that something about sleepwalking maybe? Bicephalic; two brains? I don't know. Immediately the layout feels like someone who knows design handled it. Especially the really nicely done typography with excellent kerning on all the text (note: even for those people that still do everything in photoshop, please adjust your kerning. In other words, make sure the space between the letters looks good and is balanced. Hold option and press the left or right arrows when you are adjusting your text (if you have cs4 of newer). It makes a big difference…). Sorry about that, a little nerdy and probably hypocritical. Oh well. Anyhow, Chefkirk start this cassette off with some amazingly measured and minimal noise. There are huge periods of almost no discernible sound and then the silence will be interrupted by bitcrushed synths and noise. Excellent all the way through. Really inspiring. The somnaphon track is also very measured and subtle but there is a contrast in warm analog synth drones and piercing digital blips and bloops that creates the most amazing sense of depth without the exclusive use of reverb. Very impressive. The tracks actually both have a lot more to offer than what I said before but I think you need to check this out as soon as you can. I am not sure how large the edition run is but I imagine something this good will probably be gone before you get there. 

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