Sunday, January 22, 2012

Deadbeat "Source Tape for Dirty Old Men" cs

Source Tape for Dirty Old Men
I Hate Tapes

So this one starts off with a sample. A long sample from an old movie (1950-1960?)that I don't think I have ever seen. It sounds like a father discovering a kid with his daughter and then goes about torturing him. I know I normally turn my nose at samples as if they were unnecessary jewelry on a already gorgeous pig but in this case the sample works perfectly. Totally fits the mood, it builds a slight narrative and once the screaming really starts the HNW takes charge for the next 8-10 minutes. It's pretty perfectly used. This sample works in the same way the Goodfellas sample at the beginning of Today is the Day's masterpiece record Willpower does. The noise on this cassette is thick, heavy and pure filth. This is important. This is an example for everyone on how to use samples into and out of noise. The label is called I Hate Tapes I think. I have no information about them but I believe Worthless Recordings sen this to me so I would bug them about getting one of these. It's good. It even ends with a continuation of the sample and it's terrifying. Good work Deadbeat. Seek help. 

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