Friday, January 27, 2012

Gaze "III" cs

Teen Action Records

The thing I really dig about Gaze right off the bat is that they remind me of my favorite era of Emeralds. When they were doing tapes on Hanson Tapes and playing with circuit bent televisions. That's not to say that Gaze sounds just like Emeralds but I think you could draw some similarities just by listening to this cassette. This is my first bit of exposure to this project and I am a bit intrigued. It sounds like three guys with Moogs just going crazy. Fuzzed out square waves mixed with squelching synth blips and bloops create an interesting soundscape of loops and drones. It goes on a little long for me but it's never dull so I am pretty happy with this thing. So should you. The same type of packaging as the S.C.O.A.M. & Pregnant Spore release on the same label and I have the same thoughts as I did about that in the review below. Limited to 100 copies. 

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