Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pig Shrapnel "Bacon Worship" 3" cdr

Pig Shrapnel 
Bacon Worship
Baby Smasher Records

I am going to change my format a bit for this one. Let me start by saying that Pig Shrapnel wins the worst looking cover award of all time on Dead Formats. Worse than even that +DOG+ cd. This is the kind of cover that makes me a little sad for the trees that get chopped down for this future landfill. The back cover isn't so horrible but the strange thing is that it doesn't even seem to go with the front cover. Ugh. That cover. fuck…

     Anyway, the audio is pure HNW and I kinda like it. It sorta bubbles and scrapes on top of your speakers. It sound a bit like sliding violently ear first down a giant pyramid. It's pretty awesome.

     I would never spend money on this though. The cover is just taunting me right now with it's ugliness. 

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