Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Astromason + BlueSabbathBlackCheer "Endless Black" cs

AstroMason + BlueSabbathBlackCheer
Endless Black
Worthless Recordings

So I don't really feel the need to talk about how rad this is. Just buy it. You will not be disappointed. It's two sides of magnetic tape that somehow delivers the sounds of actual hell across your room. Hiroshi Hasegawa and Mason Jones (Astromason) got together with wm. Rage, Stan Reed and Crystal Perez to create some pure blackened hate. It's fucking amazing. 

     It looks pretty 1990's but in a way that works pretty well. I could critique some of the typography and mention that they could maybe adhere a little stronger to a grid when handling a lot of text, like on the inside, but it's not bad. 

     I would buy this… Hell, I was going to put it out but I just didn't have the ability. Thanks to Worthles Recordings for consistently putting out amazing work. 

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