Thursday, September 6, 2012

Drag Age "Mask of a Crushed Insect" cs

Drag Age
Mask of a Crushed Insect
Out of Body Records

This is pretty fucking evil sounding. Like 1980's sunglasses wearing, satanic drug lord evil. I like it. There is this industrial, Front 242 grows testicles and meets Throbbing Gristle vibe. It's dirty and heavy. It also has some pretty killer titles. The name of the album, and the A side "Lords of Bronze". Totally works for me. Fans of Self Communion will dig this. 

     It has the same Out of Body Records spine and design but this one works a lot better than the last tape I reviewed of theirs. This is tight and the cover, although a little odd with it's text placement, is pretty grim.

     Would I buy this? Yeah. 

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