Friday, September 28, 2012

Idylls "Farewell All Joy" cs

Farewell All Joy
Tapes of a Neon God

This is the best album of the year. Hands down. I know you liked something else but your taste is terrible. Idylls do what everyone in 1995 was trying to do but they do it very well. Idylls do what Converge was almost able to do but instead of undershooting that moon they somehow grab ahold and drag that fucker into a higher orbit. If you want a quick comparison I would say take the best 4 songs off of Converge's Jane Doe and You Fail Me, Botch with a better guitar sound, much more intense drummer and a little less of that light show style songwriting, a gigantic and epic version of Jenny Piccolo or maybe The Locust, and maybe Dillinger Escape Plan if they did the exact opposite of what they did after losing Dimitri. It's not exactly fair to make all those comparisons and I know that. Those bands do and did what they feel is and was right for them as song writers but this band, Idylls, could have been an alternate universe version of any of those bands had they gone the direction that would have made me constantly shit myself. The guitar sound is closer to Steve Albini's than just about anyone attempting this type of music. The bass is heavy and doesn't mind bending some notes and making some strange pick sounds happen as long as it never betrays the sound of being pissed. The drummer is right on top of everything and constantly moves the whole band down a huge fucking hill towards a giant pile of my hyperbole. The vocals, by both the vocalist and the guitarist, are never, ever anything but just fucking furious. They even somehow put guitar solos in a couple songs and it doesn't suck at all. The solos are actually completely insane and make so little sense that I just sit there and wonder why I bother playing guitar at all. I guess these guys are from some dumb foreign country so I will probably never be able to see them and trying to buy their LP will cost me about $900 with shipping so I count myself very lucky to have this cassette. You should buy it too and listen to it until the tape snaps. 


  1. This is good, but I think saying it's better than Jane Doe is pushing it. Also that bass sound is making me cry.

  2. I would maybe agree that there are moments on Jane Doe that are better than moments on this Idylls record but I think Jane Doe gets dragged down by a few songs and a few poor choices in song writing. Nothing horrible mind you but when you shoot that high and miss it's pretty apparent in my opinion.

  3. I think if that's how you look at it, the same could be said for this record. Meh, agree to disagree. But the last song blows and I don't think you can defend that one.

  4. I don't think there is a song on that Idylls record that is bad. I will listen to the last one again just to double check but I remember liking everything the 15 times I have heard it so far. I know my hyperbole put me out on a limb, comparing songs from this unpopular band to mega popular bands, and maybe that was a bit ridiculous. I accept that but right now, after going back and listening to a lot of the records I compared, I will say that this Idylls record has many fewer weak moments than just about any of those other records. Get back to me in a year though. I will probably feel different.