Friday, September 28, 2012

Japanese Women // Kamikaze Pilots cs

Japanese Women // Kamikaze Pilots 
Split cs
Tapes of a Neon God

Two amazing sides of a brutal fucking tape. I am so stoked TOANG finally got #3 out. I bet this was bugging the shit outta Anderson. Anyhow, Japanese Women start there side with two tracks that completely destroy the memory of Black Flag for anyone. You start thinking about how Black Flag were good and all but after you saw that live VHS from one of their last years, you were kinda over them. Of course Black Flag are the Beatles of hardcore and if you don't say they are the best then you stand the risk of having none of your opinions be deemed as valid ever again. Don't fuck with the sacred cow. Anyhow, Japanese Women start off with a song that has more violence and swagger in it than anything Henry ever sang over. Oh Dez was your favorite singer? Yeah, everyone says that. Everyone. Kamikaze Pilots deliver about 11 tracks of filthy power violence. It's like you take Cry Now, Cry Later Vol. 3 and make an audio police sketch of everything you love on there. Take a little Crom, a bit of Spazz and a whole lot of Despise You and you will get something similar to Kamikaze Pilots.

     Visually it's spot on. All the rules of typography broken well. TOANG always does great layouts and you would do well to study them.


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