Friday, September 28, 2012

Funerary Call "Fragments From The Aethyr" cd

Funerary Call
Fragments From The Aethyr
Crucial Blast

I have been in a pretty heavy Cthulu mood lately so let's just pretend this band has a lot of Cthulu references. I don't think they do but the music…  it works. It really does. The music on this–with it's violins, flutes and horns–really evokes an ancient orchestra. One probably not really into SUNN0))) which is what I think of most experimental music coming out these days. Whether the is true or not. Anyway, this album has some really twisted progressions and just enough noise, guitar and throat singing accompaniments to make me feel like playing this may actually cause the Elder Gods to wake from their slumber. It's good. It's dark. It's the definition of brooding. 

     The art is nice and creepy as well. Looks a bit like Scrawled's work but for a digipack this is a nice package. I don't usually buy regular cds anymore but Crucial Blast has been putting out some very nice work lately. Nice enough to make me reconsider. 

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  1. After seeing Funerary Call last summer, I quickly scooped up as much of this guys stuff as I could. Not quite as good as Nightside Emanations (Malignant Records) still a pretty sound release... Once again not into the packaging typical Crucial Blast digipack... Cthulhu fhtagn indeed...