Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gravhund "Caffeine Overkill" 3"cdr

Caffeine Overkill
Shit Music for Shit People

Twelve tracks. There are twelve tracks on this 3"cdr so it's pretty obvious that none of the tracks are very long. That is a pretty good thing for me as about half of these I am not into at all. The other half though, are fucking great. It's weird. They are not that different. Some are spay fuzzed out wacky noise and some are bizarre cut up tape collages with tons of strange fuckery. It's very out there and I definitely like it for that but it's not really my thing. Burping kinda bums me out. 

     It looks horrible. I get why, it goes with the crazy nature of the music but the photo of the dachshund in a hot dog costume wit badly photoshopped out of it's picture, the type is gross and the color choices are grosser. I think that is all intentional and I am just not getting it but I am really just not enjoying it as much as I hoped to. I guess the dachshund gave me higher hopes. 

     I would not buy this. 

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