Friday, September 14, 2012

Lord Time "Forgotten Future" lp

Lord Time
Forgotten Future
Universal Consciousness & Prison Tatt Records

I hope LT appreciates the upside-down picture

LORD TIME. The shining jewel of last year's onslaught of "bedroom black metal" has returned with a vinyl repress of the first cassette I had the pleasure of reviewing. It's fast, dirty and fully blasphemous. I bet owning this makes my living room larger and darker on the inside than it is on the outside. Maybe the coolest part of this one sided 12" is that the B side is not actually blank but covered in about 20 lathe cut lock grooves. They don't all play perfect but it sorta adds to the experience. 

It looks great. Dark and strange but totally clean and controlled layout. Pictures of who I assume is LORD TIME grace the front and back covers as well as the insert. Some elements are screenprinted, others seem letterpresses and some just came flying out of a stolen xerox machine. It is also covered in human blood. Gross.

I would buy this with both hands. 

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