Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lester Ferox Music Orchestra "Splendid Party Mix" 3" cdr

Lester Ferox Music Orchestra
Splendid Party Mix
Shit Music for Shit People

This is perfect if you are even a little happy. It's like magic, crazy person crack music. Flutes, cymbals, tubas, harps, harpsichords… I have no idea really. What's in an orchestra? All that stuff, all playing outside, in a field, made out of drugs, just for you.  It's like running, falling and face painting all at once. It's nuts. 

     It's too bad the layout is nothing. A blank cdr in a fold-over black on orange paper sleeve with nothing of interest to look at. The type choice was pretty nice but it wasn't handled in any interesting way. 

     If I didn't know what a treasure the crazy pants, pixy stix music was I would not buy this. Tragic. 

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