Thursday, September 6, 2012

Deign "Pencuniary Huckster" cs

Pencuniary Huckster
Out of Body Records

Deign immediately start to kick your ass with this crazy hybrid of noise and industrial. The second side is actually the most manic and brutal but Deign does a great job of immediately confusing with some very diverse sounds. 

     I love how Out of Body Records always uses the same font and design for their spines. When you get a bunch of their tapes in a row it looks very handsome. I think the cover of this one is kinda weak though and I really dislike the type treatment on the inside. It's a bit illegible and with an "outer glow" applied to the text I am just not into it.

     Would I buy this? Well, it's not the strongest Out of Body release but that still means it's better than most. So yeah, I think so. 

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