Thursday, September 20, 2012

Divine Shell "Cavity" 3" cdr

Divine Shell
Self Released

This cd gets better and better as it goes. The first track starts with a lot of screaming and noise. Screaming usually is the way straight into my heart but this sounds a little like someone from the Alleyway Crew decided to start doing noise. It doesn't totally work for me. After that though things really pick up and it get creepy with lots of swelling noise and skittering sounds. Pretty killer ending.

      It looks pretty cool. Not bad at all. The printing is pretty poor quality but that's not a huge deal and since I had never heard of Divine Shell until this I thought the band was Cavity and the album was Divine Shell based on the hierarchy of the typography. I was a little stoked at first that I might be getting a 3" cdr from Florida's answer to Eyehategod but it's cool. 

     I would probably buy it thinking it was Cavity from Florida but in the end I would not be that disappointed. 

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  1. thanks for the review man!