Friday, January 20, 2012

V/A "mxd ape 2" cs

mxd ape 2
Ape Tapes

It's a little weird to review a long cassette compilation. I will admit that when you are reviewing cds or even vinyl you have the option of skipping tracks and especially immediately going back to the last track and listening again. This makes reviewing cds and vinyl comps much easier as I would like to talk about each band (I will take this moment to say that the label also offers a download of the cassette. That is awesome but I unfortunately need to review not just the music but the experience of listening to a cassette. Which is why I only review physical copies of releases so I don't get the luxury of being able to skip and skip back to tracks). I am finding this difficult with this one as it's pretty long but I will say that each and every band is one I had never heard of and they are all mostly great. Not at all in the world of noise here, this is pop, dark wave, electronic, folk, neofolk, maybe some drone pop (if that's a thing) and some interesting almost dubstep pop/electronic/indie rock. All stuff I have never been known to enjoy but I do and I don't often get the chance to review. If you need to judge my credentials in this areas I will say I saw Olivia Tremor Control in Philly, 1994 on one end and I saw Ariel Pink sing over a cassette deck with ten other people in 2005 which therefore makes me suddenly seem like the kind of guy who wears ironic hats and jackets and needs to brag about crappy shows he saw 12+ years ago. Anyhow the bands on here are Onuinu, Your Canvas, Prescription Pills, PoPoPePe, Pocketknife, Radiation City, Lynnae Gryffin, Shawn Parke, Summer Ono, Speus Christ, Adventures! with Might, Keeps the Kids Quiet, Wax Fingers and Leviticus Appleton. There are people that sounds like Cold Cave and others that sound like early Joanna Newsom. It's a pretty nice mix. This is exactly the type of cassette that if you bought and put in the tip jar at your favorite coffeeshop, the super cute barista would get it and suddenly think you cute and may actually ask you out. Seriously, this cassette will get you laid. The art is simple and a bit naive but in this little poly case you are just getting a barely packaged collection of often compelling songs. 

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