Sunday, January 22, 2012

Developer "00BR004" cs

Out of Body Records

This is the first noise tape in a long time that, surprisingly, reminds me a little of Merzbow. You would think that would come up a lot more often and maybe at first everything kinda sounds like Merzbow or Massonna to people but the glitchy, harsh, spastic, intense noise on this cassette reminds me of Merzbow. Specifically from like twenty years ago. It's pretty nostalgic listening to this one. I think when I was about 18 years old and I was buying noise tapes and records I was thinking that I was doing something that would scare girls and therefore they would think I was interesting and then want to show me their boobs. I was an idiot. Clearly. But I got to listen to a lot of really amazing work back then and of course from the availability and already massive catalog, Merzbow was a constant for me. When Pulse Demon came out and I discovered I could actually own a Merzbow shirt I think I actually worn it everyday for a month. Developer is intense. I don't know if rocking early 90's Japanese noise is what they were going through but I suspect they have a pretty extensive knowledge of noise and how to make it. Developer makes me feel young again. Young and very not laid. 

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