Friday, January 20, 2012

Hive "s/t" cd

Debacle Records

Now that I am reviewing cds I am getting to talk about a lot of other bands and artists that I really enjoy. I also am able to start talking about Debacle Records. Full disclosure: I personally have a few releases on this label through myself, Demian Johnston, and also Hemingway and Great Falls. That said, Debacle is always and I mean always putting new waves of excellent music. Mostly fitting in the drone, noise, electronic and generally experimental music. Hive is a drone duo from the Pacific Northwest made up of one half of the other excellent drone band, Tecumseh. Hive is less in the world of Sunn 0)) and more into the Klaus Schultz/Tangerine Dream vibe. Straight up drone that is not really heavy but is still very intense and overwhelming. It feels anxious. You almost want to stand up and walk around the room while this is playing. Absolutely necessary for anyone who considers themselves a fan of drone. The packaging is the usual Debacle digipack. Excellent illustrations as well. Oh yeah, along with the "full disclosure" sentence from before, I also did the layout for this cd. So nothing to mention there. Not sure about the edition number but it's been out for a few months now and I would do my best to grab another before these are gone. 

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