Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Harassor "Hater of Man" cs

Hater of Man
Husk Records

I was super excited when this showed up in the mail that it had to jump the line a little. I am already a huge fan of Harassor's LP on Universal Consciousness that I picked up from them last year. I am not at all disappointed by this cassette. It has a recording quality that brings to mind Bathory meets Bone Awl and the music isn't that far off either. This is tough primitive death/black metal with vocals that are completely fucked. I guess this was recorded in 2006 which makes me think I might be missing something. This is so fucking good I can't imagine that they waited almost six years to put this out. Thank the elder gods that Josh Lay unleashed this on the planet for us. I fully recommend this in every way. Awesome simple layout and nicely put together. 

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