Friday, January 20, 2012

Swamp Horse "Subtle Dementia" 7"

Swamp Horse
Subtle Dementia
Husk Records

Before I say anything lets agree that you will buy this right away. The majority of this review will be short but glowing and it will say "own this. listen to this. be pleased". Swamp Horse offer us two tracks on this 7" that absolutely will have you scouring the internet for months to come for another record. The A side of this 7" is the real stunner here. If I had to compare it to anyone I might say Goblin. Hearing this for the first time will fill you with the same excitement that you had when you first watched/heard Suspiria. Reading that you might think it has the tell tale 80's moog and I should say that it doesn't, in fact it only sounds like Goblin in feel and approach but not in the same type of instrumentation. Although synths are used throughout, it's in a totally different way. It is dark and scary and it comes from a gorgeous place of hell. I have played this record a total of nine times tonight and I don't plan on getting bored of it. The second side is much noisier but still totally dark and interesting. Grinding shifting waves of noise. It's excellent. I have to say that when I first got this I had no idea what I was in for. The cover painting, while very nice, made me think Josh Lay and Morgan Rankin (in sunglasses) had a southern rock band or something. It's a pretty punk layout but once you listen to the audio I think it all makes sense. I am a fan. This goes on the "best of" list for the end of year.

I used the photo from the Husk page so you can see the record next to the original painting. I think the original looks a little nicer than the record cover but it's still a killer/weird painting. Reminds me of early Dave Cooper. Also notiee how the hand on the cover is also probably from a different person. Otherwise it would be an awkward way to hold your own right hand. I think this adds a subtle bit of anxiety. Nicely done.

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