Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bloater "Radiac" cd

Self Released

Bloater are a duo from Brooklyn NY, playing a filthy, droning type of noise that I sorta love. The duo consists of someone "playing" guitar and another making horrific noise. The result is very similar at times to less doomy Blue Sabbath Black Cheer or maybe a less manic Birchville Cat Motel. The interplay between the two players is excellent. I assume they have played together in some shape or form together for awhile now. They really give each other room as this doesn't sound like two people clamoring to make it to the top of the noise pyramid. It sounds like they are building their own. The cd itself has a theme, pollution or contamination or something like that. Works with what they are doing but you don't need to know what the have to say when they are playing shit this awesome. The layout is fine. It's simple and in one of the sleeves that Debacle Records and myself use pretty often. Simple insert that looks like one of those flyers that are handed to you at a protest.

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