Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nipple Stools "Decision Points" 3"cdr

Nipple Stools
Decision Points
Bicephalic Records

Carl Kruger is becoming one of my favorite artists in noise/experimental right now. So far his work is stellar and he is able to move throughout the genres of experimental flawlessly without sacrificing his own voice. Nipple Stools is a Collaboration between Carl Kruger and August Traeger. This is fully glitched out free jazz meets ambient music and it sounds great. At times you even get that awesome Star Wars transmission sound that is probably one of the coolest thing George Lucas made popular that Akira Kurosawa didn't do first. Fourteen tracks on a 3" cdr means that no track is very long and that works great for the spastic nature of the audio. Definitely feels like a bit of a laptop battle but it never gets into that weird glitchy/dub step thing that some people seem too tempted to avoid. Awesome layout that fits perfect with the audio. I am intrigued to hear more. These guys should definitely send something out to Debacle Records. I see more on the horizon. Probably limited but I am not sure about that… 

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