Friday, January 20, 2012

A Night to Dismember "Salmonella, Chains and Plastic Cadavers" cs

A Night to Dismember
Salmonella, Chains and Plastic Cadavers
Worthless Recordings

It's funny, when I pulled this out of it's case and saw a label only on one side I actually said out loud, "this better not be a fucking one sided cassette". It totally is. I have two pet peeves that are related here; one is samples in noise and the other is one sided cassettes. I last got mad at the Winters in Osaka one sided cassette I reviewed awhile back. This still bums me out but I have to say that the audio totally allows me to forgive this infraction. This is HNW with some fucking balls. It's heavy as shit and totally unrelenting. The only time the walls goes down is when bursts of feedback pierce through and make you wish the comforting yet blistering wall of distortion would come back. It does have some quieter moments but it just sounds like chaos with a lower line input level. It's not a break, it's just a different sounding manic destruction. It's also a C-46 so you are in for a pretty intense ride. Of course, it's the kind of ride that you can't just flip over and get right back on, you have to push rewind and wait 7 minutes. Ugh. 

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