Friday, January 27, 2012

Arvo Zylo "333" cd

Arvo Zylo
self released

As I say in my ratings key this is totally solid. Beautiful, destroyed noise that often moves into the world of modern compositions. Synths and walls of distortion morph into piano and drums crashing on top of sputtering sine waves. It's less of a soundscape and more in your face with it's fluctuating musicality. At times it's basically HNW and at other times it feels like another Arvo (Part) but in his much younger days. It's pretty long and quite a mountain to get over. My 11 year old step daughter just asked if I like this music. I said that I often do. She told me its just obnoxious to her. I love that. This is kid repellent.The artwork itself is awesome psychedelic collage work with streamlined typography. Although the packaging itself is a little underwhelming but don't let that deter you. Not sure if it's limited but it's worth looking into.

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