Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Carl Kruger/Deign "Knees" cs

Carl Kruger/Deign split cs
Fusty Cunt Tapes

Right off the bat the Carl Kruger side of this tape is awesome. Harsh, broken noise that somehow sounds like a jet engine warming up and failing over and over in the middle of a hurricane. With headphones on this thing swirls and spins around your head, causing some excellent disorientation. Trying to pull apart the sounds that are chopped and smashed into each other is pretty fun as well. I think a hear a carnival, a train, a dump truck and possibly a murder. Like I said, fun! The Deign side is a bit closer to HNW. The first track is pummeling and rarely changes course but for a second here and there. It's very intense. The second track gets a little more subtle and quiet but it becomes very manic and slightly crazy. Both acts on this cassette are excellent and I recommend picking this up or at least hunting down more of their catalogs. I guess this is an older release as Fusty Cunt has about another 20 releases that came after this one. The layout to this cassette is very DIY in a way that kinda makes me sad. Poorly photocopied printer paper wrapped around a tape in a bag that was the wrong size so it was poorly adjusted does not make for an impressive or interesting design. Although to some people this is exactly what they want out of a noise tape. I just love seeing people take their limitations in materials, money, time and making something really inspired.

UPDATE: I talked with the curator of this label and it turns out that the flimsy and sorta cruddy look to this tape was totally intentional. It was to create a sort of irony about consumerism. If you look at the other Fusty Cunt releases you will see that this definitely stands out in it's craziness. I guess that was lost on me for any number of reasons but I can see it now. 

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