Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ryan Jewell "Radio: vol. 1" cs

Ryan Jewell
Radio: Vol. 1
Friends and Relatives Records

This is subtle. Really minimal glitches and noise that have a pretty impressive amount of restraint. The second side is really beautiful work. Subtle (there's that word again) drones and strange bells mixed with quick bursts of quiet noise and some really surprising drums. Really nice. It's so subtle that at times you may think there is nothing going on. Unfortunately the audio on the cassette is much shorter than the physical length of the cassette so you get a little fooled into thinking that something else is going to happen when really you have just listened to five minutes of blank tape hiss. It's not that big a deal though as what you do hear is very measured and controlled minimal soundscapes. These tracks originally were on the radio in 2007 and 2008 in Paris and New Jersey respectively. Nice simple j cards. 

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