Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wailing of the Winds cs

Wailing of the Winds

This starts out beautifully. Almost has that Iranian classical music meets Tibetian sound that Master Musicians of Bukkake and Phurpa do so well. Musical saws, tubular bells, strange sounding horns all create a swirling maelstrom of sound that is both abstract and focused at the same time. When the second track comes it becomes much more structured. Still has the qualities of of the first track but you get an acoustic guitar playing a repetitive structure with a simple accompaniment from a violin and some small drums. It's a little too loose for me at times as if the people playing were in a such a trance that they forgot they were playing but it still sounds pretty good. Reminds me a bit of Tony Wakeford's solo work or maybe a bit of Death in June. After that they get down to more of the drone type stuff that is just brilliant. I should mention that the tape ends with a Thergothon cover that is one of the most beautiful pieces of neo-folk I have heard in a long time. Its a bit of a mix of style throughout but it's well worth checking out. Simple J cards and blank cassettes. 

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