Friday, December 23, 2011

The Loathsome Couple cs

The Loathsome Couple
Orobas Records


So I received the first Loathsome Couple cassette about a year ago and I was very excited to hear it. I had been a huge fan of Tobias Burch's one man project Amort for awhile and I was dying to hear what else he had been working on. I ended up being a little underwhelmed honestly. It wasn't the doom/noise/drone I was used to. It was more straight forward punk/metal type stuff. Fortunately it was still a little disjointed and not bad at all but it didn't really leave an impression. Then this release came along. I am now very impressed. This is heavy, blackened, hardcore, metal, etc…  and it's good. The Loathsome Couple are a three piece (and an Edward Gorey reference, which is awesome for me. Edward Gorey is the only artist I have ever flown to see one of their art shows when he was alive. So I am a bit of a fan). Tobias sings and there is a very talented drummer and guitar player. The songs are varied and interesting but still have a singular focus that is often important in the cohesion of metal. I also got a chance to see them live. Also worth checking out but I would recommend that they add a bass to the mix. The cassette has bass playing on it and it really adds a lot to the maelstrom. I think live it would lend a heaviness that the riffs demand. 

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