Friday, December 23, 2011

Wormsblood "Black & White Art for Man and Beast" cs

Black & White Art for Man and Beast
Brave Mysteries

Wow. Holy shit. Wow. This is a full on album. I guess this is also a few years in the making and it shows. Drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and the most twisted vocals I have heard all day. I want to say it's prog/black metal but there are just as many genre changes as there are tempo changes on this one. It's really, really out there and I guess that is why I am giving it as high a rating as I am. I was gearing up to give this a 3. Solid and good but not mind blowing but as the record goes on it really opens up into brand new worlds of pure fucked. I also have to say that whomever is playing bass on this is a fucking master. Remember back in 1990 when you first heard Neurosis' World as Law? Remember how killer Dave Ed's bass playing was? Well, this is right up there. Crazy. The vocals need another mention here. They are awesome. Gargled craziness that moves up and down the dog/cat scale pretty often. The vocalist also can really sing as well which is used in just the right amounts. I don't really know what else to say except there is an orchestra at the end. Seriously. I think you should pick this up if prog laced black metal is your jam. Fans of mid-era Deathspell Omega, War & Pain/Nothingface Voivod and a little Pink Floyd's the Wall may want to take note although even those don't examples don't quite give you the right idea about what you are about to hear. Simple black and white J cards. Limited to 100 copies, which seems crazy. 

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