Friday, December 30, 2011

Robert Ridley-Shackleton "Shut Up Egg" cs

Robert Ridley-Shackleton
Shut Up Egg
Eggy Records

Weird. Super fucking weird. This is a little different from the last release by Robert that I reviewed as this has Robert a little more in the front of the music. It's almost like he turned up the insanity and down the musicality. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it sounds like if you explained Ariel Pink's first album to an Alien in the 1970s and asked him to do an interpretation of that explaination. Robert is a massive personality and I think the idea of trying to keep him contained on cassette is almost impossible. There are some weird toy pianos and some probably not entirely improvised vocals on the opening and title track. Then you get some interesting noise that sounds as if it comes from circuit bent toys or speak-n-spells. Vocally Robert is still furious at the Egg and how it is speaking to him. The whole thing just goes off it's rocker constantly and it's a joy to hear. I am not as into the artwork this time around. I think some of his other cassettes are just beautiful but this one just hits me a little flat. It's fine though, like everything Robert does I think it's worth checking out. 

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